Tuesday, December 20, 2016


We awoke today to our last day in Europe and some devastating news from home.  We found out that good friends of ours lost their son this morning... Joseph had passed away.  He was only 2p and was way too young to die.  Our hearts are breaking for Nick and Angela, Hannah, Issac and Kaitlyn.  I cannot get them out of my mind.  I cannot even begin to imagine the pain they must be going through.

I am also feeling very sad at the thought of leaving Peter and Maria as we don't know when we will see them next.  It was easier the last two visits  Peter had back home because we knew we would be seeing him in the middle of the year when we fly over here for Peter and Maria's wedding.  Now there is uncertainity as there are no future plans to catch up at this stage, other than Christmas 2018 when we plan to return to Denmark for a white Christmas.

We had a lovely family breakfast all together with some more of those Danish buns we so enjoyed with Maria's Mum's homemade black currant jam, cheese and fruit juice.

The morning went too quickly and it wasn't long before we had to pack the car and leave for the airport.  We got out there around 10am, and booked in our baggage, and then Pete had about half an hour with us before we had to go through security.

In the end it was a bit of a rush as we had quite a ling distance to walk to our Departure gate.  We did manage to go through duty free quickly and grab the children some Duplo and Lego.  Steve also treated himself to a large 1kg bag of peanut M & Ms.  We have seen nothing like these at home.

We were able to change our seat allocation at the last minute and ended up with a spare seat between us which allowed us to sprawl out a little.

Homeward bound after the adventure of a lifetime
 It still was a very uncomfortable and long (12 hour) flight.  The girl sitting in front of me has pretty much had her chair extended back as far as it would go which gave me absolutely no leg room whatsoever.  I did manage to watch one movie called "Mother's Day" and I did try and sleep but that was pretty impossible.  I think in all I totalled about 2 hours sleep.  No where near enough....
 It was nice to see the sun setting on the horizon from the air... Took a couple of photos...

 I am feeling pretty tired now that we are getting close to Singapore.  It was really interesting as we flew over Inda, the amount of towns big and small.  They do look quite beautiful all light up from this height.

Getting close to lading in Singapore so it is time to finish writing this and start getting my hand luggage sorted in readiness to depart. 


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