Tuesday, December 20, 2016


We arrived in Singapore around 6.30am - still quite dark when we landed.  We only had 3 hours in Singapore, so our first priority was to find the showers so that we could change and freshen up. 

We initially got a bit lost but one of the airline workers overheard me asking Steve to ask someone for help and so stepped in and asked if she could help us.

We told her we were looking for the showers and another on of her colleagues was just finishing work and heading to Terminal 3 on her way home so she offered to show us the way.  It was really lovely of her.

We had to catch the skyrail and its stop was right outside the B1 and B5 Gates.  This was great for us as our flight was due to depart for Brisbane from B1.

The showers were also situated at the Transit Hotel which was pretty much above where our departure lounge was, so this took quite a bit of pressure off us.    As it cost us $16.80 each to have a shower, we figured we could have extra long ones seeing as we didn't have to go hunting for our Departure Gate. 

We were in and out of the showers by 8am, so we sat in the lounge there and answered a couple of emails, and then went for a walk through the lovely butterfly garden.

We still had a little time to wander and look at a few of the shops, although we found them pretty expensive compared to a lot of the other places we have been, so we really didn't spend any money.

We headed back to B1 departure longe around 9am ready to board our flight around 9:15am.  We were supposed to leave at 9:40am but air traffic held us up for about half an hour due to the volume of other jets leaving. 
Homeward bound..
We finally got away around 9.55am.  In saying this though we must have had a pretty good tail wind as our trip home wasn't much more than 7 hours considerably shorter than our trip going over. 

We had a pretty good flight home, although once again I had a lady sitting in front of me who had her recline chair right back as far as it would go, so once again I hardly had any room, which is a bit painful when you are doing the very long hauls. 

Unlike the first leg of our flight, this lady did straighten her chair back up for the last hour of the flight., and I did however manage to grab another could of hours of light sleep. 

We landed in Brisbane at 7.19pm, slightly ahead of schedule.  It was straight forward getting through customs.  Sarah picked us up and we were back at her place by about 8.30pm...
Home on Aussie soil at last.
Time for a nice long hot shower, a good cup of Aussie tea and then we crawled into bed. 


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