Tuesday, September 26, 2017


What a magnificent location to take a day off and just chill out…
We didn’t have much planned for today, as we have pretty much been on the go all week.  Kathy and I both decided to do a load of washing this morning, and then we had some chill out time, just sitting in our annexes, looking out over the water and enjoying the gentle breeze which made for a pleasant day…

Steve checked over an assignment for Sarah, and edited the Horizontal Falls photos for me, and then he headed down to the beach for a fish….
Lunch on the beach front

Lunch under the trees at Roebuck Bay

We all ended up sitting under the big tree on the shoreline of Roebuck Bay for lunch, and probably sat out here for a couple of hours just watching the gulls as they flew by, diving and gliding and totally at peace with the world. 
It is these stand still moments that I enjoy so much on this holiday… the just sitting and being….. the soaking in of all the beauty that surrounds us,  the grateful heart for the amazing sights,  feeling so incredibly blessed, and so so thankful that we have had the opportunity to do this….  Still sometimes have to pinch myself to believe that we are living the dream….
Caught a couple of these for dinner...

Steve had a good afternoon fishing and came home with two good size fish, which he then had to filet, but I have to say we definitely all enjoyed his catch.

Later in the afternoon we decided to go for a small drive around town, but ultimately ended up down at Gantheaume Point, where the dinosaur fossels have been located. 
Unfortunately the tide was still a little too high for us to find any of the fossils, but we did enjoy an amazing sunset whist we were there.

We checked out the lighthouse,  different to most lighthouses in that it was built with iron framing and was a tower more than liveable quarters. 
There were a family of eagles that had built a nest up there and there were three babies in the nest,  it was really interesting to sit and watch them, especially as the mother eagle tried to get each of her babies out of the test.
Osprey and her nest in the lighthouse tower...
Trying to teach her babies to fly

We did try to take a few photos but we didn’t have the good camera with us, only Steve’s mobile and it doesn’t take too many good long distance shots. We came home on dark. 
Our turn to cook dinner tonight.  We were trying some of the eye fillet we bought at Willare Roadhouse, and then thought we would have some of the fish that Steve had caught also.  Tossed Salad, Beetroot, whole spud with sour cream, and and BBQ corn completed the meal….

It has been such a good day today… Feeling very relaxed and loving life in Broome.


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