Tuesday, September 26, 2017


We were up early this morning and on the road out to Gantheaume Point by 7am.  We needed to be out their at low tide if we wanted to find some fossilized dinosaur footprints. 
We were not the only ones up early, as the car park was full when we arrived.  There were obviously lots of other folk with the same idea as us, as people were everywhere on the rocks below and people still kept arriving long after we got there. 

The Lighthouse
I walked down partly onto the lower rocks but then decided that it was a little too steep and too slippery so I found a lovely ledge to sit on and decided just to enjoy the view and the early morning sun and fog.   The colours of the rocks were astounding ranging from crimsons to pinks, golds, yellows, creams and this contrasted with the deep blues of the ocean.  

Amazing colours in the rocks

Some whales were out the front frolicking in the water as we arrived much to the excitement of some of the overseas tourists who were there.   I am sure there are many things we take for granted as Australians. 

Fossilized Dinosaur Prints on the beach at Gantheaume Point

Steve managed to find a couple of different footprint fossils as he scampered all over the rocks.  It was interesting to watch different folk gravitate to groups that were using their cameras in the hope that they others had discovered what they so badly wanted to see also.   Several people gave up,  thinking you had to have a good imagination to find them….

We spent a couple of hours down there enjoying the scenery and on the way back, we had another go at photographing the eagles on the lighthouse. They weren’t quite as active this morning as what they were the previous evening…

A visit t Chinatown
Hard head pearl divers..
Chinatown called us next,  we decided to head in their for some breakfast, as we had not had any in our hurry to get to the Point at low tide. 
Our breakfast stop
Pretty impressed that most of their drinks were from Bundaberg
We had been hearing some pretty good things about a little café called the “Green Mango” from other tourists in the caravan park, so when we stopped to take some photos of the statues of the hard hat pearlers, and some significant Chinese people, we happened to notice that the “Green Mango” was just across the road.
Outside the Green Mango Cafe
Ordering our breakfast
We knew it would be good because it was very busy with people lining up to be served.
We wandered down to it, and it already seemed to be pretty busy, with most tables taken outside.  We placed our order for two Eggs Benedict with pulled bacon, a hot chocolate and a mango smoothie, and found a table inside to sit at…
Enjoying his breakfast
Best Eggs Benedict ever
It didn’t take too long for our drinks to arrive, and not much longer for our meals.  They were GOOD…. Probably the best Eggs Benedict I have ever tasted with their own home made hollandaise sauce.  By now we realized that this little café lived up to its reputation of being good, as there was now quite a queue of people lined up at the counter to be served.  It was a good thing we had arrived early.   We enjoyed our little outing together.

Steve was keen to get home and fish the incoming tide, so we left the café and on our way back to the caravan park, we went in search of a Woolies fuel station to fill out in readiness for our departure tomorrow.   

Whilst looking for the fuel station we came across the Sun Cinema is which is the iconic outdoor deck chair cinemas in Broome.  This cinema is located right in the jet path as they approach the airport, and you can be sitting there watching a movie when a jet passes very low overhead.  Apparently, it is an experience not to be missed.  Not sure, we will have time to experience it this trip.  

We headed home and Steve headed out for a fish…. Another relaxing day for me as I tried to catch up on some blog posts, and getting my diary up to date.
He caught another one...
It was also time to do a little more research on our accommodation for the next few days. 
Steve spent a couple of hours out on the beach with his fishing rod, and came home with another feed of fish for dinner tonight.  Today he caught a lovely cod.  

Time to start getting ready for our departure tomorrow.  The car needed a good wash after our trip into the Bungle Bungles, and the handle on our fridge slider needed to be adjusted also after the rattle it received when traveling over all the corrugation.  This jobs are now done, and we are ready to head back into Broome to experience one last beach sunset before we leave this beautiful place tomorrow. 


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