Thursday, October 5, 2017


Feeling a little sad today to be leaving Cape Range National Park, we have loved our time here and it is definitely one of those places you must come back too.  I think if ever we did come again though we would spend at least a week here if not 10 days.  

We were the last to leave this morning.  John and Barb left first as they had quite a few things they needed to do in Exmouth before they could move on, including seeing about a tyre, a gas bottle refill, grocery shop, and contacting John’s sister in the UK. 

Because we only had a hundred odd kms to go today, we didn’t do to much packing up the night before.  We wanted to allow our shower to dry overnight before packing it away, so we definitely had the biggest pack to do in the morning.  

Ian and Kathy left about a half hour before us, but Kathy had taken a shopping list and was going to do a little shopping for me in Exmouth to save a bit of time. 

We decided to all meet at the Information Centre in Exmouth, because we all needed to fill our water tanks and this was a place we could all do that.  We also had to fuel up before moving on.  

Our goal was to get to Bullara again for an overnight stop.  It was hamburger night at Bullara tonight so it also meant we didn’t have to worry about dinner. 

All three of us had baskets of washing to do,  so as we arrived at Bullara, whilst Steve was heading into reception to pay, I took a basket of washing straight to the laundry to get it started, and then went back to the car so that I could help Steve get the van set up whilst the first load washed.  

Once we were set up in our site, I took another basket of washing over to the laundry ( sheets and towels this time) and put a second load on whilst I hung out the first.   Then it was back to the “Lava Trees” for a lovely LONG hot shower, so that we could wash our hair and just feel fully clean again.  We had been off the grid for a week, so our showers consisted of just a small bucket of water each night, so it was so good to finally be able to have a nice long shower and shampoo our hair again..

By the time we had done all this, collected our washing, folded it and put it away, it was almost time to cart our chairs over to the shearing shed where we were all meeting for our hamburger evening.  

Bullara does this well, each afternoon, they have a get together whether it be a damper evening or a hamburger evening.  It gives them a chance to meet all their guests, and also for the guests to mingle and meet each other.  

We had a great night just sitting around and chatting and it was after 8.30pm by the time we packed up our chairs and headed back to our van.

We are off again in the morning to spend the day at Coral Bay.


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