Thursday, October 5, 2017


Steve was up early this morning and headed out for a walk to try and find the boat ramp, as the ranger had told him last night that you could fish on the other side of the boat ramp, but not in the lagoon area which was in front of us.  

 A fairly strong breeze had sprung up over night, so it was quite nippy this morning and we needed to put on a coat.  Not ideal weather for swimming or fishing at all. 

Quobba Lighthouse shining brightly from way up high..
There was this really lovely lagoon just in front of where we were staying with a nice beach area and appartently it is very popular with families as it is quite safe.  

The ranger also told us that there was a lovely reef in the lagoon with coral every bit as good as Coral Bay and an abundance of reef fish as well.  We were so disappointed that we couldn’t check it out for ourselves, but it really was way to windy and cold to even think about getting in the water this morning.  

We left the camping ground a little after 10am and headed up to the top carpark where we got to watch a wonderful display from the blowholes on the incoming tide.  It was really quite amazing, and furthermore, they were happening all the way up along the coast.  We could see them for miles.  
Taking a photo of me taking a photo of him...
Our car and van on the headlands
The wind was so strong that we could feel the spray from the water right back at the cars, but they were quite spectacular to watch and we would have spent a good hour up there watching them and waiting for the perfect photo opportunity.  We took hundreds of photos of them.   One good thing about digital cameras, is that you can take a heap, and then just delete what you don’t want.

Lake Macleod
Driving through Lake Macleod
Lovely clouds along the way today.
It was close to lunch time when we left Quobba and headed off to Carnarvon, where we had planned to spend the next couple of days.  

The drive out to the highway was really lovely,  We pretty much drive right through Lake MacLeod which is pretty much salt flats, but the real fascination for me was seeing a couple of pink lakes.  They weren’t that big but they were definitely pink.  
Our first sighting of a pink lake
Pink water.

Carnarvon, was a wonderful surprise.  We booked into the same Caravan Park as John and Barb and felt like we had hit the jackpot. 

They gave us two grassy sites right next to the amentities block.  Lush green grass.  Have I said how much I love the colour green.  We have spent the last three months in red dirt and dust so to be given a site that was totally grasses made us feel like we had just touched down in Heaven.  
Green grass.... what a site
Bowling Green
It even had a wood fire pizza oven

This park is amazing, immaculate gardens, immaculate amentities, pool, good size laundry, and even a bowling green so that we could play lawn bowls.  This is our best park so far and it was only $37 a night.  A real bonus.  Still pinching ourselves to believe that we have grassed sites.  

Our setting up our vans, it was straight to the laundry for me to throw in a load of washing and get it out on the clothes line, then it was into town to Woolworths to do a good grocery shop.  We hadn’t done one since we had arrived in Port Hedland, so were quite low on a few things. 

John and Barb had kindly offered to cook dinner for us this evening and John cooked up one of his amazing stews.  We are so spoilt and so blessed.

It is good to be back with these guys again.  Tomorrow we plan to head out and check out the Carnarvon Space and Technology Museum.


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