Tuesday, December 5, 2017


We weren’t in too big a hurry to leave this morning as we only had 46kms to go to get to Port Lincoln. 

As it was Ian’s birthday today, he was also receiving lots of birthday calls from back home.  Kathy rang through and booked a couple of sites for us at the Port Lincoln Tourist Park, a great caravan park right on Boston Bay in Port Lincoln.  
Our view from our caravan at the Port Lincoln Tourist Park
Our set up in Port Lincoln
Amenitites block and camp kitchen in the background
Our spot in Port Lincoln
Views from our van
From my seat looking out our door...
 Ian and Kathy were pretty happy to have a chilled out day today to celebrate Ian’s birthday. The weather still wasn’t kind… Still cold windy and a little drizzly.  It was not quite as wet as the previous day, but still quite miserable.  
Out for a birthday lunch at the Marina Hotel in Port Lincoln
Ian, Kathy and I all had a seafood basket.... freshest seafood ever....
Steve had the garlic prawns
Lovely light fittings at the Marina Hotel....

We decided to go out for lunch for Ian’s birthday and then to a movie in the evening…  We ended up at the Marina Hotel which was situated right on the water.  It was a great place and the food was very good.  Quite reasonably priced and very fresh…

We all enjoyed seafood for lunch.  I mean when you are on the Seafood Trail in South Australia, you need to enjoy seafood….

We had a leisurely lunch and spent a couple of hours just sitting around chatting.  We did go for a nice walk around the balconies before leaving…

After lunch we went for a drive into Port Lincoln to get our bearings in this new town…. We also stopped at Woolworths to do a grocery shop as we needed to stock up on food as this was the first big supermarket we had come across since leaving Kalgoorlie in WA..

Cinema (Youthoria) Port Lincoln
Movie we saw for Ian's birthday
By the time we got home and unloaded and packed our groceries, we had about 30 minutes to spare before we were due to take off and head into the Cinema in Port Lincoln to go to the movies.  We went and saw “Wonder”.  What a great movie…

Ian's birthday cake
Happy Birthday Ian

We ended the day by going back to Ian and Kathy’s for a hot drink and some birthday cake.  It really has been a lovely relaxed day… Tomorrow we will do some exploring around Port Lincoln. 


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