Tuesday, December 5, 2017


Another reasonably relaxed start to the day…

Although it was still cold and windy, at least the sun was out this morning, so that meant washing…. Both Kathy and I did a couple of loads of washing and then just hung out around the park until it was dry…

We all enjoyed morning tea together ( to help finish off Ian’s birthday cake) and then Steve and I headed back into Port Lincoln to pick up a couple of things at Coles that we were unable to get at Woolworths the previous day.  We also had post cards that we needed to post.

We treated ourselves to take away lunch from King Neptune’s and ordered one of his seafood spaghetti’s.   We decided to just get one and share it, but they we had read in one of the travel brochures that they got five stars from locals and tourists alike.   It did taste good but not as good as the seafood meals we had at the Marina the day before…..

We headed home to have our lunch before taking off on a tourist drive that afternoon.  Ian and Kathy had taken off for a drive just as we arrived back to our van…
We had our lunch and took off to explore Port Lincoln. 

We drove back out to the Marina and checked out all the huge boats moored there.  Lots of big fishing boats, as this is one of the seafood capitals of South Australia….
Looking across Boston Bay
Looking across Boston Bay to our Caravan Park
Looking out to Boston Island

Then, we took the tourist drive out to Billy Light’s Point.  We were unaware of this but apparently Billy Lights Point is a low cost camping area for self contained units at $10 per night payable to the council.  You are allowed to camp there for three nights.   We didn’t notice anyone camping here, but it is a lovely area with parkland and a really nice boat ramp.   We drove a little around and got some lovely views of Boston Bay and Boston Island as well as some of the fish farms….

Then it was back into town to photograph some of the landmarks in Port Lincoln,  We couldn't help ourselves, we had to take a photo of the Hilton in Port Lincoln.  This is one ritzy hotel.
The Hilton - Port Lincoln
Claim to fame - their Melbourne Cup winner
Matthew Flinders and his cat
From here we drove back into town and headed out along Flinder’s Highway to do the other scenic drive which took you up and around behind Port Lincoln where you able to enjoy the very scenic views of Boston Bay.  Such a pretty place to live.  This drive took you up through some of the farm land and then back down to the Highway leading north…

We then followed the highway for another six kilometres to check out the other Caravan Park that we had looked at staying at in Port Lincoln.  It wasn’t too bad either and was right on the water front.  I still think I liked the park we were staying in better though, so good choice from Kathy who booked this park….  

The other park though, did have a big shark’s head and jaws at the entrance to their park so of course I had to photograph it….
We did a slow drive back into town along the water’s edge stopping to photograph some of the exhibits at Alex Stenross Maritime Museum, before heading out to the Winterhill Lookout which overlooked, Port Lincoln, Boston Bay and the farming communities on the other side.  The views up here were stunning. 
Farm land around Port Lincoln
Looking out over Boston Bay
 We also managed to get up close and personal with some sheep and I managed to get photos of some this time.  Usually they would run away the moment you got out of the car to photograph them.   Not only did we see sheep we also got to take some photos of some mother Ewe’s feeding their baby lambs and photos of a couple of Alpacas that were looking after the sheep.
Mother with her lambs

We did another scenic drive around the farming land behind the lookout as well.  It is such a pretty part of South Australia. With the landscape dotted with trees and dams, and cattle and sheep.  Just loved it…

On our way back into town we ran into Ian and Kathy who were just heading out to the Lookout.  
Port Lincoln Jetty
 Steve was keen to fill up with fuel before heading home as we didn't want to have to do it in the morning with the van on.  On our way into town, we stopped off at the jetty to take a walk out,  It was much more sheltered than the jetty around where the caravan park is.  

The Eyre Peninsula is a stunning place in Australia and we could have easily spent a good week at each of the places we have stopped as we have toured around it.   It is nice that we have been able to slow our pace down a little and enjoy it all.  

Unfortunately though our time in Port Lincoln is fast drawing to a close, tomorrow we move onto Tumby Bay…..


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