Thursday, December 14, 2017


We didn’t manage to leave quite as early as we planned this morning, however we did get away before 9am.

Today would be the longest drive we have undertaken since coming off the Nullabor almost three weeks ago and even then we only have a little over 300kms to go…

We weren’t in a rush and thought we would stop off at a couple of places along the way…
Our first stop was Port Germain,  to see what was once the longest wooden jetty in the Southern Hemisphere. At 1532 meters long it is only surpassed these days by Bussleton Jetty in Western Australia ( 1900 meters long) .

 The jetty itself was first built in 1881 to replace the method of transporting grain grown in the area by horse and cart over the sand flats at low tide which was then put on platforms to await for the high tide before flat bottom barges could collect the wheat, taking it then to the awaiting ships. An extension added to the jetty in 1883 bringing the total length to 1676 metres or 5,500ft. Storms  have damaged the jetty over a number of years , the last being in 2016 and the length of the jetty has been reduced to about 1500 metres.

A rail method was then used on the jetty to transport the goods to the awaiting ships to transport back to England. In 1841 it was the busiest grain port in Australia. However it wasn’t all smooth sailing, ships would try and race each other home ( 100 day journey back to England) and over the years four of those ships disappeared without a trace.

 The jetty’s lighthouse , which use to be located at the end of the jetty is now positioned at the start of the jetty as is the rare maritime Clock Faced Tide Gauge. The illuminated gauge was located in the shipping channel to inform ships when it was safe to navigate through. There is believed to be only one other like this and that is in Tasmania.

Port Germain is an old historic town and worth the visit.  In hindsight, we probably should have stayed an extra night so that we could benefit from immersing ourselves in all the history about this old historic town.  
We probably spent a good hour wandering around the jetty precinct,  reading all about Port Germain and walking the start of the jetty.
About half an hour after leaving Port Germein we came across Harry's Homemade Foods and they were advertising fresh prawns for $19.. Thought we would stock up on a few for Christmas.  WOW what a surprise package this place turned out to be.. We did a little damage with the credit card here as not only did we get prawns but South Australain honey, prawns, and some pickled scallops and crab meat.  It must be pretty good, because the place was teaming with people, and we met one couple from the other side of Adelaide who spent a fortune here.  They stock up every time they come through.

We had talked about visiting Port Pirie but after spending so much time at Port Germain, decided to leave it for another visit to the area….

We had planned to stop in Port Wakefield for lunch as it was only another hour after that until we would arrived in Adelaide.  

We arrived in Port Wakefield around lunch time and drove through town looking for a nice picnic area down by the water…. What a disappointment.. Port Wakefield is not on the water, just a heap of mangroves with no shaded picnic area…. So we left the car running and ended up have a bit to eat in the car as it was close to 40 degrees today.

Back on the road again with just under 100kms to go until Adelaide.  We arrived around 2pm and booked into our caravan park.  I think we have been blessed once again as we literally only 10 minutes from the city and with our Top Tourist Discount, managed to book in at the lovely Windsor Gardens Caravan Park for $31.50 a night.  All the other parks we tried were over $40 with some going up over $50 by the weekend due to the peak season starting. 

The plan for when we got here was to fix the plug on the front of the van, and get the washing done… It was a scorcher here… so hot that even setting up had us in a lather of sweat.  We spent most of the afternoon in doors with the airconditioning on, not even getting the washing finished until 5pm because it was just way to hot to be outside.

Once the washing was done we decided to head for the coast in the hope that it would be much cooler there.

They seem to be dumping truck loads of sand back onto the beaches
 We took off to visit Glenelg Beach… Glenelg sits in Holdfast Bay, which is only about a 15-20minute drive from the actual city centre of Adelaide.  It has a sandy white beach, with charming heritage hotels and bustling shops, sidewalk cafes and summer entertainment.  It was after 6.30pm by the time we got there and there were still people out everywhere, in the shops, on the beach in the water.  It was an absolute hive of activity.  So much so that we decided to meander further along the coast to neighbouring beach towns…

Meandering down along the coast we came across this Mega activity centre.  It looked awesome and something our kid would really enjoy doing.  They also had a Mini Golf Put Put set up that also looked pretty cool.  Of course we had to take photos…

Massive sea grass cliffs on the beach..
Sunset really is a staircase to Heaven
 We wandered down to the headlands of the beach also for a look.  It seems they are doing a lot of beach restoration work down this way at the moment, as the bay is being dredged and they are dumping truck loads of sand on the beach again.  
On the beach at Henley at sunset
 We continued to drive along the coast until we came to Henley.  This place was crowded, there were people everywhere,  it was a real hive of activity,  the beach was full of people, they were still in the water at 8.30pm at sunset.  We decided that since it was nearly sunset we would watch the sunset over the ocean.  It was beautiful, another magical sunset…. another magical moment together…

Sunset over Henley Beach - Adelaide

We couldn’t believe how many people were down here for a midweek night.  At least it was a lot cooler out on the coast here than it had been back at the caravan park.
It was time for us to head home as I still had washing on the line that needed to be collected and we still needed to have dinner….
Christmas Lights we saw on our way home...
Heading home in the evening
It has been a good day, even if it has been unbearably hot.  Hopeful some cool weather will come soon.  A week ago I was complaining about the cold, it seems that weather at the bottom of Australia is anything but predictable…


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