Thursday, December 14, 2017


Woke up to scorching heat this morning… too hot to do anything but sit inside in the air-conditioning.  It was 40degrees at 10am in the morning here today.

Steve had organised for someone to come out and have a look at our awning to give us some idea of what cost and what would be involved in fixing it.  It appears we need a whole new awning and roller so it really needs to be an insurance claim.  Our morning was spent ringing insurance companies and sourcing addresses of places around here to pick up a new connector for the front of the van.  

Meanwhile I got to catch up a little more on blog posts and photos.  In fact I got so caught up on it all, that for the first time this holiday I am up to date with everything…. What am I going to do now…….

In the afternoon, we decided to go to the movies, to escape the heat…  We went to see Dad’s Home 2.. and it was a great way to spend the afternoon.

By the time we got out of the cinema the temperature had dropped considerably, back down under 30 which was a welcome relief.  

We stopped off at Repco to pick up the part that Steve needed for the van, and then headed to refuel the car and drop into Woolies to pick up a few things we needed and then it was home…

A nice relaxing day – no sightseeing which means no photos…

Our second full day in Adelaide, and again we haven’t done a real lot.  Most of the morning was spent organising for repairs to be done to our caravan when we arrive back in Brisbane in January and supplying paperwork needed for insurance…

We then went off to pick up the parts that Steve had ordered for the van only to find that the wrong part had come…. So he has spent the afternoon trying to improvise to no avail.  It now doesn’t look like the plug is the problem so we are not at a bit of a loose end as to know how to fix the problem.

We did manage to duck into a camping shop though and pick up a new chair for me… Love it and it has now allowed me to get back outside and sit  whilst I work.  

We had planned to go  up to the Adelaide Hills and Hahndorf tomorrow, but not sure if that will happen now, as our first priority is getting this car and van sorted so that we can get back on the road….

This this would be the first blog post since we have been away that I actually have no photos to share today…

Really hoping we can get this car sorted so that we can get out and about and at least see a few sights around the area…


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