Friday, May 11, 2018


Whilst we were off having a break at Kinka Beach the other weekend,  Pete and Maria took a week off to spend some time in the sun in Spain...

After months of winter weather and darkness in the Northern Hemisphere, the warm sunshine, the beach and all things summer is a great start to Summer in the Northern Hemisphere.

We also got our first glimpse of the baby bump...
Making it so much more real now... we are finally past the half way mark...

 They spent the same week in Spain as we spent down at Kinka...  You can see that these guys are just happy to be on a break.... 
They were off to the Balearic Islands.  The Balearic Islands is a sun-kissed archipelago of islands and islets east of the Spanish mainland, are dominated by four stunning sisters Majorca, Ibiza, Menorca and Formentera.

The Balearic Islands’  location at the center of the Mediterranean Sea means a climate characterized by dry, humid summers and mild winters.   The best time to visit here to avoid the  sun-worshipping crowds but still  be able to enjoy some outdoor activities, is at this time of year, where the temperatures are warm enough to enjoy the outdoors..

They spent Tuesday exploring Majorca.  Majorca is the largest island in the Balearics, and it is more than just beach resorts, but it is also a starting point to explore the Serra de Tramuntana.  This mountain range runs along the northwest coast or Majorca and covers about 30 per cent of the island's territory. This mountain range has been made a World Heritage Site in recognition of the extroardinary techniques used to develop agriculture on its steep slopes over the centuries
That cute baby bump..
 Whilst we were celebrating Anzac Day here in Australia, Pete and Maria were off to explore Parc, Natural de Mondrago.  This park is famous for its fine white sand beaches and unbelievable turquoise blue sea.  It's remoteness does not stop it being popular, so it was good that they were exploring it before the popular summer months.

Some of the highlights of this region is the stunning cliffs that reach down to the crystal clear waters, and the wetlands with its migratory birds complete with nature reserve. There are several paths of varying distances that meander around the coastline where you can end up on beautiful beaches.

 Whilst we headed back to work on Thursday, they headed off to explore Palma de Mallorca, the capital and largest city of the autonomous community of the Balearic Islands in Spain.[3] It is situated on the south coast of Majorca on the Bay of Palma.
Pete enjoys his food and it seems that he found a great spot to eat in Ariany. 
The town lies within each reach of the capital city of Palma, at a distance of around 50km, so the ended the day here where they had a great feed.
Now that is some meal.
 There last full day was spent back around the Port de Soller, a picturesque little village situated in a large horseshoe bay on the west coast of Mallorca.  It is one of the island's best kept secrets.  Its isolated location at the foot of the Serra de Tramuntana meant that, before the Soller tunnel opened in the 1990s, it was a difficult place to get to.  It is also one of the few towns that can claim both magnificent mountain scenery and breathtaking sea views on the island.  It also has some of the best sunsets in Mallorca as it is situated on the west coast.  The town has undergone a bit of facelift in the last few years, with the seafront being tastefully redeveloped and the tram line that runs to Soller re-routed.

 One of the benifits of living in Europe, so may exotic places right on your doorstep.
Loving to see their photos and makes us realize that there are so many beautiful places on this planet....


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