Sunday, June 24, 2018


After spending the week in Toowoomba with my sister it was back to Brissie for a couple of nights before heading home again.

I loved that I have managed to get down and see the Grandchildren so often this term.  Just a little sad that I missed Willow's Under 8's day but I was there that night to hear all about it. 

Steve was driving down to pick me up and take me home....
Poor old Chloe had an assignment due and exams coming up so she wasn't able to join us for a shopping spree.  We were going to catch up with her that night when we stayed at their place overnight.

Meanwhile, Sarah and I took off to go down a little girl retail therapy.  More so for her to spend her birthday money.  She still had one more  assignment to submit, but it was basically done, she was just waiting on a phone call from a teacher friend of her's to ask her some advice before she submitted her final assignment for the semester. She was pretty fortunate that she  didn't have any exams so she was really to have some time to enjoy and relax.

She wanted some new wiinter wear so we headed to Garden City to see what we could find...

Looking for baggy tops to wear with her jeans...
 We decided to head and have a coffee,  and just as she ordered she got a call from her friend, so we settled down to enjoy our drink whilst Sarah diid a bit of work.
My hot chocolate
Sarah had a cappuccino
A coffee with a bit of love
Finishing off her assignment
 Whilst we were out shopping, Steve took the children to the Daisy Hill Koala Conservation Park.

The kids love going there and seeing the Koalas.  There are also quite a few interactive activities there and children's information area with kids activities for them to do.  They love visiting here/ 
 Afterwards they went for a walk around the parkland there where there are lots of picnic and bBQ areas.  We must plan to go have a picnic there next time we are down...
The kids found a heap of sticks and were making Humpys to play in....

 That night we stayed at Dan and Chloe's.  Sarah joined us for dinner and we all went to the movies to see "The Avengers".  I expected it to be a totally different movie to what it was.  I thought it was a crime and mystery sort of movie, not all the Marvel superheroes.  I hated the movie and spent half the time with my head in my hands or my fingers in my ears. 
The rest of them loved it.  I totally have different tastes in movies to the rest of my family that is for sure.  Still it was a great to spend the time with the kids, and I did enjoy their company even if I didn't enjoy the movie...

We had a great trip home on the Sunday.  I have been enjoying our trips away.  It gives both Steve and I must valued time together to just chat and touch base.  There were no stop offs on the Sunshine Coast or in Bundy this trip, we both had work the following day and it is a really busy time for Steve at the moment with the end of term exams and reports. 


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