Sunday, June 24, 2018


We are enjoying spending time down along our river bank.  It has all been done up since we went away last year and we are still exploring the transformation.  It was almost sunset when we headed down there.  We are both trying to eat well and fit in a little exercise at the moment so a stroll along the river added a little exercise to our day.

There is a path with a lot of sculptures of old Queenslander buildings and we hadn't explore this yet so we headed down past the playground and decided to walk up past the boathouse and check out these new sculptures.  It has been lots of fun exploring all the changes that have taken place in our city since we have been away.

The new Fitzroy Adventure Playground is amazing and I can't wait for our grandchildren to come visit so that I can take them there...

The new Fitzroy Adventure Playground on the river bank.

The beauty of this playground is that it is all lit up at night so you can even take the kids down here for a play before bedtime.
Enjoying a stoll down by the river..
We wandered further along the path until we came to these sculptures which are just scattered though the gardens along the walk.  Such a lovely area along the banks of the river now...

 Then it was a further wander down the path until we came to the water features and the Boat house restaurant....
Lovely sunset and the lights along the river....
 Love these date outings with my man.  So nice to take time out to enjoy and appreciate the beauty around us.  I have really missed taking time out to enjoy sunsets since we have returned home...We're making more of an effort to find the moments to enjoy such beauty..


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