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We awoke this morning around 8.30am just on predawn to snow still falling and a winter wonderland…  Looking out of our window we could see everything covered in snow, the gardens, the cars and the roofs of the house and barns.  It was really quite magical, and we couldn’t get dressed quick enough and get outside into it…
What a special morning to wake and see the snow falling

To say we were excited was an understatement...
We couldn't get out into the snow fast enough

Maria’s mum was already up and our taking the dog for a bit of a walk, but I am sure that she enjoyed our enthusiasm as she had a big smile on her face and she joined us out there for a while also enjoying it and getting into a bit of a snowball fight with Steve.  The others were still all asleep in the house.
Ready for a bit of a snowball fight..
Just a wonderful day in a Winter Wonderland.... so excited to see snow
Steve and Elsie Maria pick up snowballs...
It wasn’t long after this that Pete came down, and you could tell he was excited for us.  He has loved sharing Denmark and all things dear to him now with us.  The food, the weather, the scenery, the culture, and we have enjoyed every aspect of our stay here so far.

We all enjoyed a nice hot cuppa in the kitchen after our escapades outdoors and it was really nice to warm up before everyone else reappeared and we all shared breakfast together in the large dining room at Maria’s parents place.   The table is huge and comfortably sits around 16 people, which makes it a lot of fun at meal times, especially when extras are home…. 
Big dining room table
We had a leisurely breakfast, mostly toast, buns, avocado, cheeses and jam with tea and coffee, and then Pete, Steve and I, Dudi and Hanna set off to Hjorring to do the Christmas food shopping and finish our Christmas shopping…

The drive to Hjorring was quite picturesque with snow everywhere and although it was cold, it was no where near as cold as I thought it would be.  Maria stayed home with her Mum, to give Theodore a rest from his big day the previous day.  I am sure Elsie Marie enjoyed the time with them both, as they live so far away and don’t get to see each other too much.
Christmas shopping in Hjorring

We still had to get Christmas gifts for Pete and Maria so it was good to be shopping with Dudi and Hanna who had the family shopping list.  They were also able to show me the sorts of things that Maria in particular would like.  We ran into Maria’s Uncle and Aunty and cousin and had a good chat to them.  Maria’s cousin Mikkel (who had generously given us tickets to Tivoli) was in hysterics when he heard how I had dislocated my shoulder.  Then the poor guy felt so bad that he had laughed so much about my misfortune… Mind you it is rather humorous once retold after the event…

Steve managed to find a good coat to buy, one that was water and wind proof and would be good to travel to Iceland with and the bonus was that it was on sale with 50% off.  There was one he liked better, but with a price tag over $400 we could not justify spending that sort of money when the one he got was under $200.  

After completing out shopping we headed off to Fotex to do the grocery shopping.  We had a long list of things to get.  The Fotex shop here was huge and sold pretty much everything from clothes, to cosmetics, to kitchenware and of course food.  We looked a couple of grocery trollies with all the food we needed and then headed home…

In the afternoon, we had a visit from Maria’s Uncle and Aunty and cousin Mikkel again as they came to deliver Christmas presents.  Dudi had been busy making traditional Danish Aebleskiver and we enjoyed these with them with some glogg, a traditional Danish mulled wine with raisins and almonds….

Danish Aebleskiver
Pete and Steve were on dinner duty tonight, Pete doing the cooking and Steve his side kick, cutting up all the vegetables etc.  Pete made a huge pot of bolognaise.
Chopping up the vegetables for dinner...
Pete and Steve were on cooking duties tonight
Super delicious dinner
Whilst the boys were cooking dinner, the girls all decorated the Christmas Tree.  One of the things I love about a Danish Christmas Tree is that instead of hanging tinsel on it, they decorate it with strings of Danish flags.  I also love the way that they hang real candles in the tree…. It was kind of fun watching the girls work together to decorate the tree and reminisce about some of the decorations from Christmases past.  There is something quite special about a winter Christmas. 
Whilst the guys cooked dinner the girls set about decorating the Christmas Tree
I love the fact that they decorate the tree with their national flag garlands rather than tinsel...
Hanna decorating the tree
Dudi stringing up more flag garland
Love that they use their national flag to decorate the Christmas Tree
Their beautiful Christmas decorations.
The Scandinavian countries have lots of elves for Christmas
Putting the candle holders on the tree
Reminiscing whilst checking out lots of their childhood Christmas decoations
Putting the candles on the Chriustnas Tree
By evening the snow had stopped falling and the forecast for the following day was for clear skies and sunshine, although the temperature was about to drop…

Dinner was another family affair, with a few glasses of wine, great food and  much chatting and laughing and we felt very much at home with our Danish family.
One more sleep until we celebrate Christmas Danish style….

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