Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It's been a great day

It's been a great day too. I feel like I have achieved so much. I had the day off work today as I needed to take Chloe for eye appointments. She has been having a few problems with her eyes this last month or so, so have had lots of visits to the Optometrist and Opthamologist. The infection has healed but there is still some scaling or scaring to the eyes. Need to cut back on the drops now, and need to go back again next week to have her eyes checked again.
Meanwhile between appointments, I got to do a lot at home. I managed to get the washing done, some cleaning and vacumming done.
Had dinner in the crock pot by 9am.
Next I cooked these for lunch and also for lunches for the next week or so.

Also had a friend drop in at lunch time, so served these up with a bit of a tossed salad, with sour cream and sweet chilli sauce. Went over real well. Rest are now in the freezer read for lunches.

Then we made these. Cupcakes. Found a packet of "Snow Balls"at Target on Special this week, so bought some and made cupcakes ( also for lunches) Gave my friend one for her birthday this .evening. She thought they were candles

After cleaning up the mess Chloe and I managed to scrapbook a couple of cards.
Made this card for my friend. It was her birthday today and we all went out to dinner tonight to celebrate.
Made this card for one of the girls I work with. She is such an inspiration - love working in her class. She really has engaged the kids in learning and they are thriving. She is terrific to work with - s0 organised, so justed wanted to make her a little card to let her know that I love working with her and appreciate everything she does for her students.
Chloe joined in and covered this little star bag that we picked up at Spotlight, We have secret sisters at church this year. She made this for her secret sister. I am so proud of her, Normally she doens't see herself as being terrible creative, but I think she has done a lot job of thise little bag and card.

So many things to be thankfu for today.

1. Having a day with Chloe - even though there was a lot of running around, we still got to enjoy each others company.
2. Getting things done at home and feeling like I was on top of things.
3. Pretty and yummy cupcakes.
4. A night out with the girls.
5. Friends
6. Medical Specialists and healing.
7. Great bed and a good night sleep.
8. The word of God.


Katie September 12, 2009 at 12:42 PM  

Oooh I love the snowball cupcakes! That is such a cute idea! They look really good!

Edleen September 12, 2009 at 9:03 PM  

lovely cards there Karen :)

and those cupcakes!!! i want some. please :D

have a fab weekend!

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