Sunday, February 10, 2013


Yesterday, Chloe and her friend Daina joined the Mud Brigade here in Rocky and along with other Red Frogs, helped to clean up homes in Depot Hill and the parkland along the river bank.

The Red Frogs clean up crew
 Dressed in their uniforms
They had a bit of help and enouragement
 They received a little help and encouragement from these guys

Certainly added to the excitement of the day....

A lot of cleaning to be done....
 Miss SES for the day
Our Chloe
Cleaning up the park land

Receiving some love.....

Cuddles here too
 Work is always a lot more fun when it is done as a group.  Good to see so many great young people who are willing to give up their time to help others...
It has been a very productive weekend all round.
I finally feel like I am getting on top of things at home too.
I have spent very little time here during the past three months so it is good to feel that I am inally getting a grip on things here at home...
Not long now until Sarah and Willow come to visit..


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