Saturday, June 29, 2013


I am having a wonderful time down visiting with my beautiful grand daughter.  She is growing up so quickly.  She is now over 7 months old and I am just totally bestotted with her.

She really is the perfect baby,  Sleeping 12 hours straight each night.  She has such a beautiful nature and is so contented and placid. 
So so cute....

Willow is right into her Duplo Blocks at the moment.  She is learning to pull them apart.  Not so good at putting them together yet,  Mind you everything goes straight into the mouth.

Playing with my Duplo

Love my giraffe -  everything goes into my mouth
Loving Duplo at the moment
 Willow also loves to feed herself,  couldn't resist taking these cute photos of her trying to feed herself.... She is such a cutie...
I can feed myself Moppy.....
Totally adorable this grand daughter of mine. 
 At seven months she is also enjoying bath time.... She has a special little seat she sits in when in the bath.  She loves her bath toys.  These are the memories to keep for a lifetime.  She ios growing up way too quickly, 
Bath time with all my bath friends. 
Rubber Ducky your're the one, you make bath time lots of fun. 
 Love this precious child.  Definitely don't want to miss documenting her first year of life. 
Also wanted to share this family photo which was taken today, 
Such a beautiful family
So blessed, so thankful for my wonderful life and all the love that surrounds me. 


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