Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Chloe had a busy weekend. 
She was on Red Frog duty Saturday night and Sunday morning. 
Chloe has been involved in the Red Frog ministry now for the past year of more...
A little about Red Frogs for those that haven't heard of it...

Chloe making pancakes for Uni students on Sunday morning.  

Red Frogs Chaplaincy Network began in Australia at Schoolies Week in 1997. Red Frogs moved in university culture in 2002 and now supports over 140 Student Residential Colleges across 24 Universities in Australia. Now, The Red Frog University Program also has an international presence, operating in New Zealand, South Africa, France, Wales, England, Scotland, Canada, and Poland.
The Red Frog Crew spends most of its time hanging out in residential colleges and universities during o-week and study week. Then, throughout the semester you will see them at hydration stations in parties, cooking pancakes, running cafe crawls, and doing many other random acts to help support university students during their studies.
The love language of a university is FREE stuff! This is why Red Frogs give away 71 000 calendars, 20 000 donuts, 28 000 icy poles, and 1.7 tonnes of Allen’s Frogs Alive Red Frogs - and this is just in O-week!

Sunday afternoon, she climbed Mt. Jim Crow to watch the Sunset...
At least this time, she didn't get lost and they didn't need  to call the police out to find them...
We do live is a wonderful country, and are so blessed.
We also have an awesome heavenly father who gives us masterpieces to enjoy each and every day.  
The colours of the night sky
The clouds are touched with gold.
The sun setting
Beautiful colours in the sky.

 We are blessed most days with beautiful sunsets like this... We need to take time out of our busy live to enjoy these moments.... We are indeed blessed.  

Sarah and Colin were off to Mackay on the weekend for his cousin's wedding....
Got this family photo with the Moore side of the family. 
Moore Family Photo.
 Willow enjoyed her flight home on the plane....  Love this photo of her....
30,000ft up in the air.
 Can't wait for this little darling and her beautiful Mum to come up... Only a couple of weeks to go and she will be here for nearly three months....


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