Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Our friend Bevan was born in a leap year so technically his birthday only comes around every four years....
Next year he will have a real birthday but this year we celebrated it by taking him out to dinner with another family who are also close friends of his.
We just went to a local pub for dinner and it was nice...

The birthday boy
Cutting his birthday cake
Birthday cake...
 It tasted amazing too...
Ready to cut the cake...
 Photos with Bevan...
Chloe takes a photo of Talitha and herself with Bevan..
Chloe and Bevan
 We decorated the table with balloons
Bevan with Steve and his birthday balloons
Birthday balloons
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 Then there are the photos of the rest of us...
Chloe and Dan
Chloe and Dan
Talitha, Chloe and Dan
Bevan with Steve and Tillie
Steve, Bevan and Talitha
Sarah, Dorothy and  Richard
Eleonore and I
Chloe and Dan again
Steve and I
 The meals were huge but good...
Chloe had lasagne and Salad with chips.
 It was way to big a meal for her...

Dan had crumbed steak with chips
Steve and I had Roast Pork and vegetables
 It was a good night and I am sure that Bevan enjoyed it.
It was nice to have a nice night out with friends also after the horrific week we had just been through with Cyclone Marcia...


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